About us

High precision machining processes, even in small runs

The key to success

What can we do for our customers that other companies cannot do?


Artisan spirit, industrial technology

01. Industrial craftsmen

The key to success of any company lies in its ability to answer a question: what can we do for our customers that other companies cannot do?

For twenty years, our answer has always been: industrial processes on an artisanal scale.

Using metal plate/tube laser cutting, material forming, chip removal, welding and finishing technologies, combined with our experience and versatility, we are able to carry out high precision machining processes, even on a small scale.

Medium/light stainless steel, aluminium and iron metalwork: quick delivery, with artisan customisation at the right price: in one word, DPEMME.

Two complementary faces

02. What we do concretely

The range of our services reflects the dual nature – artisan and industrial – of our work:

  • On one side, creative processes in the field of interior design: furniture, light fixtures, window display fixtures, store furnishings, giftware.
  • On the other, development of machines and components for sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as sports equipment and furnishing complement lines.

Our philosophy is constantly evolving, but revolves around one constant: to strike the best balance between the human, artisan, creative side and the technological, high-precision, cutting-edge approach.

Revisiting the notion of factory

03. Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the term used to identify in short form the 4th industrial revolution processes and operations that have become pivotal in all sectors of industry, especially the manufacturing sector.

Like D.P.EMME, Industry 4.0 constantly engages in research to meet automation and data exchange needs and organises its production processes and operations on the basis of 3 core values:



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